A sentence may consist of one clause (independent clause) or more clauses (independent and dependent clauses).  When we discuss the "Kind" of sentence, we're discussing what the sentence ‘Does.’ There are four kinds of sentences: Declarative, Exclamatory, Imperative, and Interrogative. When we discuss the "Type" of sentence, we're discussing how it is ‘Built.’ According to the numbers and types of clauses present in a sentence, sentences are divided into four types:

 Simple Sentence: contains only one independent clause.

 Compound Sentence: contains two or more independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction, semicolon, or a semicolon followed by a conjunctive adverb.

 Complex Sentence: contains one independent clause and at least one dependent clause joined by subordinating conjunction, or relative pronoun.

 Complex-Compound Sentence: contains at least two independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses. It is also sometimes called compound-complex sentence.