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Gerund Phrases

The gerund phrase is a noun phrase that is introduced by a gerund. Gerunds are nouns formed from-ing verbs. The gerund phrase is made up of a gerund and all the words that can modify and complete it. The words or phrases that can modify a gerund are adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, and direct objects. 

A gerund phrase can be used as follows:
1) Subject     
2) Predicate Nominative   
3) Object of a Preposition  
4) Direct Object 

Common verbs that can be followed by gerunds:
admit           appreciate          avoid                 deny             discuss 
enjoy           practice              consider            finish            give up   
delay           take up               understand        stop               recall

Subjects: The gerund can be the subject of a sentence.       
- Reading romantic novels is my plan this summer.

Predicate Nominative: The gerund completes the meaning by a linking verb.      
- Most of it was dazzling.

Direct Object: Direct object can be found by subject + verb + (who or what) direct object.   
- Cathy hates wearing her school uniform.

Object of a Preposition: The words after a preposition are said to be the object of the preposition.  
- When the toreador entered the bullring, we turned our attention toward bullfighting. 
  (bullfighting is the object of the preposition toward).